Thank you for visiting my art and illustration galleries. I am an experienced illustrator who has worked on a wide range of projects, such as young adult’s and children’s literature, educational publications, info panels and board games. I currently live in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

I started freelancing in 1991 and have loved every second of it. My work has been featured in books, advertisements, corporate communications, product design, newspapers and magazines, in museums and online. The images on this website were commissioned by a wide variety of clients.

Communicating and collaborating with people is something I highly like in this profession. I take direction well and also enjoy putting my ideas across. If you have a project in mind which you’d like to consider me for, please contact me.

Let’s make your vision a reality.

Enjoy your visit, I love my work and hope you will like it too!

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What clients say

Anne West, author:

Absolutely great, totally awesome!!!! I am SO happy with this!!

Nina, art buyer Zwijsen:

We’re very satisfied with your work – more than satisfied even! Compliments from the others as well!

Ronald, publisher Malmberg:

Now that the illustrations for the different time periods have completed the page lay-out, we see how well they function – eye-catching and beautiful. I would like to thank you for all your diligence. Every drawing you sent was met with great enthusiasm, the authors love them too. Great work!

Rene, creative director Zeylmaker & Partners:

Looks excellent, we’ve sent it straight to the printer

Carla, graphic designer Delubas:

The illustrations for the picture book are wonderful!

Eva, artwork agency Walter Holl:

You’ve done a first-rate job. We absolutely love it! It’s off to our clients now for their approval. I expect to hear their feedback soon and I’ll report it back to you. It’s been a great pleasure to work with you!

Maaike, art direction Viva magazine:

We’ve just discussed your Snow White in our meeting and basically, everyone fell off their chairs with admiration! The editorial and fashion departments were delighted to see you’ve given her a nice and full figure. I’m very happy with her as well and I hope you are too!